Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CCB -- Totally Forgiven

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about an integrity concern I had with CCB (Consistent Computer Bargains). I had called CCB's leadership, but didn't get a response. Since my endorsement and recommendation of CCB has been so public over the years (more than a dozen print articles and numerous referrals while speaking at conferences), I felt the appropriate action was to post that I could no longer recommend them.

Last week the founder and CEO of CCB called to ask what happened and, when he heard, he asked me to forgive him and his team. He assured me their rep had acted outside of their policy. As one who has been forgiven much, I obviously forgave them. Then I told him the only way he could begin to build trust again would be if his next layer of management also said the rep's actions were outside of their policy. We had that conversation, and I believe them.

CCB has been a pioneer and strong advocate in securing software licensing discounts for charities. They are driven by their heartfelt desire to help the Christian church, and I believe their desire to serve The Lord is sincere.

I hope those who read my previous blog post will agree with me that they are forgiven and should have the opportunity to prove their sincerity. I plan on giving them that chance, and hope you do too.

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