Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yup! Today's the Day!

Well... it was The Day twenty-six years ago!  That was the day my bride, Grace, and I took our vows and officially began our life together.  She was a beautiful bride, and still is.  I was a goofy groom, and still am.  But we love each other and have survived by keeping God at the center of our relationship, keeping our friendship fresh, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

I love you, Grace!  Thanks for putting up with me for 26 years!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Android Giggles

While traveling this week I received a text message on my Droid from a CITRT colleague, but my Droid phonebook said it was from my wife!  I never checked the phone number behind the text message, and believed what my Droid reported.

I responded to her, I thought, saying, "I love you sweetie, and hope you sleep well tonight."

Imagine my colleague's surprise when he got that response!  He responded in kind, saying, "I love you too, Nick! I did sleep well!"

Well... it's nice to know those you work with love you...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IT People Beware!

There's been a spirited discussion in one of the church Yahoo groups about a church whose team wants to change ChMS software for what appears to be all the wrong reasons.  The IT Director voiced opposition to the change, and sought the advice of other church IT people.

The conversation was, indeed, high quality and spirited, and then one of the folks said that in that situation the decision should be the IT Director's, and that they would resign if it went against the IT Director's choice.

This turn in the conversation raised a caution flag in me, so I joined in and suggested differently.  Here's what I said:
I have worked with many churches over the years in the IT field, and I don't know of any church IT Director who feels as strongly as you that the ChMS decision is theirs. Ultimately all decisions in a church are the pastor's or the governing board's, but this decision is usually owned by the leadership team (which may include the IT Director), and it's the IT Director's role to fully support it. Your church may be different, but if not, I hope that helps.

Some advice I have given many is to never own a hardware platform or software solution so strongly that it defines you. Technology and people change so much and so fast that doing so always puts a horizon on one's career.

His response showed his heart was in the right spot, and he's doing what's right.  WTG!

What do you think of the advice I gave?  Is there a software or hardware solution you're holding too tightly?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Article: IT-- Truth or Dare!

There are many misconceptions about the Internet, hardware, and software that impact the decisions people make. This article sheds a little light on them... to read it click here!