Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're Looking for a New Software Vendor

For more than fifteen years we have recommended folks buy their software from Consistent Computer Bargains (CCB). They have helped many churches and ministries, and we were glad to help them get started and flourish. I have written many articles recommending them.

Unfortunately, our recommendation of them must stop, and we are now looking for a new software vendor to help churches and ministries.

The problem is that CCB decided to start competing with us. That in itself is not a problem; there are many churches and ministries looking for good IT help. But they never called to talk about changes they were making; they just did it and let us hear about it from our clients. Yes, our clients began getting calls and emails soliciting their business and even making statements like, "What would it take for you to turn to us instead of MBS?".

I am greatly disappointed that CCB has chosen to end our friendship. We know Jesus loves them, and so do we. But we can no longer refer anyone their way.

We are actively looking for a new software distributor that will help churches and ministries with software purchases. Dell has stepped in and is covering a lot of that ground for us, and doing it for less than CCB was! But there are a few items they can't help with. If you know someone we should talk with, please let me know!

Post Update: I've updated the story in a post worth your reading. The quick link is

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