Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last night a group of friends got together, most of whom were in the same college/ career Sunday School class more than thirty years ago.  Our class had been pastored by Mick Berberian, who is now the pastor at Elim Baptist Church in Seattle.

These annual gatherings are a blast! After each one I find myself thinking about the impact our old class pastor has had through us. It's really quite phenomenal! Of the thirty or so who were able to make it, some are business men and women, some are pastors, some are counselors, some are missionaries, some are authors, and more. I think what impresses me most is the high percentage that are in professional Christian ministry and are involved as volunteers in ministry. Mick had a significant impact on us, and as a result, on many others through us.

Jesus said you know a tree by its fruit. I get that. And when I look at the fruit of Mick just through that brief window of time he served us as our pastor, I am amazed and thankful. And it makes me wonder: what kind of fruit is my life bearing?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Windows 8 Pro Follow-Up -- I Kind of Like It!

That's true! I like it! But I don't recommend it yet... here's more:

I like how fast Windows 8 Pro loads. It is more nimble and seems to be as good as its predecessor, Windows 7 Pro. There's only one reason why I don't recommend it: the missing Start Button.

I said to a friend recently that once we solve the Start Button issue, I'm ready to recommend Windows 8 Pro. His response was: "Windows 8 still has a Start Button. It is just bigger. Press the Windows key or move the mouse to lower left corner."That's true, but it's so clumsy. Sometimes when on the desktop I can easily get the charms to show with my mouse, and sometimes it takes a few tries.

I get that Microsoft wants to have the same interface for all devices. I even think it's a good strategy! But getting to the Start Page (what replaced the Start Button) has got to be made easier than it currently is. Even making possible a simple shortcut that can be added to the Desktop Quick Access Toolbar would help.

Then I would endorse and recommend Windows 8 Pro.