Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Article on BYOD Policies

BYOD-- Bring Your Own Device-- is an IT wave that is sweeping corporations. IT Directors are understandably uncomfortable about this. Adopting enforceable policies will make the difference, however, in BYOD's success in any organization.

Read the full article for free by clicking here!

2nd Most Important Day of My Life

Okay, so yesterday was the second most important day of my life (I shared about the most important one earlier in the day yesterday). 29 years go I asked Grace to marry me. She never said yes, but did say she thought she could handle it.

Me, last night: "So, are you handling it?"
Grace: "So far."
Me: "Are you starting to feel more confident that you'll be able to?"
Grace. "No, but I think I can!"

I'm so glad! And she is wonderful-- still!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/4 - My Spiritual Birthday

It was 38 years ago tomorrow that I prayed to sincerely give my life to Jesus. It was a well thought-out decision: I had been running into folks for a few months who were different; each was a Christian, and many shared with me a promise of God.

That evening of September fourth I prayed, "God, I've been hearing a lot about the promises you make to those who let you be the top authority in their lives. The promises sound good! I'll do the research and find out which you actually made. To the extent you're faithful to your promises, to that extent you can have my life."

Thirty-eight years ago, and he has never missed being true to his promises-- those actually in the Bible. Promises like forgiveness for me and those who've hurt me, peace that is beyond normal, purpose in life, joy that is unaffected by circumstances, and real love.

My observation is that he is called The Faithful and True for a reason! I've seen it in my life and in the lives of many around me who have also decided to trust him and do life his way. The only times I regret are those in which I took back the reigns of my life and decided to do something outside of his clear and perfect will-- the things I tend to think I know better about (yes, I still struggle...). Every time, though, I learn again that there is forgiveness and more peace, joy, purpose, and love doing life his way.