Friday, February 14, 2014

The Most Expensive Thing I Ever Bought

At our church small group last night we were asked what the most expensive thing was we ever bought. One guy said it was his wife's engagement ring. Another said his house, and another said his car. I said it was an ice cream cone!

The Rest of The Story
After my first date with Grace, my wife, I decided we needed to break up. So I went to her apartment the following day and told her. She lived on the third floor of her building, and by the time I was in the stairwell I knew I'd just made a big mistake.

When I got to the ground level I walked out to the parking lot below her open balcony window. I yelled up, "Yo! Grace!" She came out on the balcony to see what I wanted. I yelled up, "Want to go get an ice cream cone?"

Since then that ice cream cone has cost me engagement and wedding rings, our home, cars... and I'm STILL paying!

It was the largest and best purchase I ever made.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Article on What To Do If You Still Have WinXP Computers

Yup! They're still some XP computers out there! And because of Microsoft's announcement about XP's end of support date (April 8, 2014), some folks are panicking!

Here's a link to a brief article I wrote on what to do if you still have some XP computers... click here to read it.