Monday, April 22, 2013

Rich Hammar's Copyright Law for Churches

My church wanted to address a copyright issue. After consulting with some attorneys on the topic, we turned to a great resource: Rich Hammar's Copyright Law for Churches. We found case law and principles that helped us make a decision that will serve and protect the church for years to come. I heartily recommend it!

Here's a link on how to get your copy:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Article on How to Get the Most Out of Your ChMS

There are patterns of what causes ChMS dissatisfaction, and knowing those patterns can help you know how to get the most out of your ChMS. The article I released for publication can help!

Click here to read a free advance copy.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ongoing Training-- A Great Investment

I'm excited about going to ACS Technologies' and Shelby Systems' user group meetings this spring! What excites me most about them is the great opportunities they are for church and ministry team members to grow in their knowledge of these very popular church management systems and for team members to be encouraged by meeting others who do similar work for like-minded organizations. I feel fortunate to be involved in the process.

Most churches and ministries don't recognize the wisdom in the opportunity to help their team members grow in their understanding and proficiency in these important tools. Taking advantage of these training events is an effective way to help accomplish the mission better, and to do so for less. It is a terrific investment!

Here's a Real World Example
As a ChMS authority (due to my writing and consulting in this area), I get calls throughout the year from churches and ministries that are thinking of making a change. One of the common reasons they call is that no one on staff knows how to use the system currently in use. I often ask them how long it's been since they had any training on their ChMS, and the response is usually that it's been a very long time-- maybe even before any current staff were on the team!

I explain to them that training would be much less expensive and much less disruptive to their ministry than changing their ChMS would be, and I encourage them to get some training. Doing so costs so little and yields such a great return on investment!

If your church or ministry uses one of these two systems, please consider sending at least one person to their annual event. I know you'll thank me later!