Friday, September 28, 2012

MBS Response to the Sophos False Positive Support Issue

We sent the following to our clients this afternoon about this challenging issue:
What a week this has been!  Let me catch you up on where we are with this issue:
  • Sophos put out a virus signature update last week that mistakenly identified some of its own files as malware.  Though they corrected the problem later that day, because so many did what they were supposed to do (tell Sophos to clean up the problem files), damage was done and it set off a domino effect that affected workstations and servers worldwide.
  • We have been working on our clients' servers and workstations nationwide to correct the problems this has caused.  It has meant a lot of 'after hours' work because of the multiple server restarts that were required.  We hope to be done with this process by Monday morning.  Already we have spent about 60 hours on this!
  • As you know, MBS doesn't sell or distribute hardware or software.  It was the decision of our board early on that we wouldn't profit from the hardware and software we recommended to help ensure that we remain objective rather than profit-driven.
Even though we are not responsible for issues hardware and software vendors create, we don't believe you should have to pay for this mistake the software developer made; it's just too big.  Thus we have decided to internalize and write off the time we've spent on this.  It's part of our partnership with you in Kingdom building.

Please accept my apology again that other support issues have gone unresolved.  We hope to catch up next week, and are working hard towards that end.

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