Sunday, October 20, 2013

TSA Pre Check

I applied for the TSA Pre-Check security program more than two years ago. Because of some stupid things I did as a 17-year old that I got caught doing, I was declined. Twice! But those mistakes were more than forty years ago, so I appealed theough the TSA ombudsman. This week, my conditional approval came through (subject to a brief in-person interview scheduled in a couple of weeks).

I fly for business a lot-- nearly 3,000,000 domestic miles in my career! Today was the first time I checked through airport security and got to use Pre. It was so fast and easy, I almost wept! I didn't have to take off my shoes or belt, or empty my pockets or laptop bag. It was the nicest experience I've had since increased screening began twelve years ago!

Thank you, TSA! You made my day!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chuck Smith Is With The Lord

This morning at about 3am Pastor Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa) passed away in his sleep. He is in heaven with The Lord now; I miss him already.

Pastor Chuck is credited by many as being the father of the Jesus Movement, during which I became a Christian. I told him I feel he is thus my spiritual grandad.

The impact he had-- and will continue to have-- on so many lives is amazing. Today I found myself praying that God would find me as easy to lead and use for his purposes as he found Chuck to be.