Friday, August 3, 2012

Mountain Lion Impressions So Far

Early this week I upgraded my 11" MacBook Air (mid-2011) from it's native Lion to Mountain Lion.  Here are my observations after four days.

Interesting Differences
  • Software Update now launches the App Store's Updates page
  • iChat is gone; replaced by Messages
  • Notifications-- probably something many like; but I turned it off for everything except FaceTime
  • PowerNap (I disabled it)

  • Improved graphic quality of display resolution and Dock
  • Faster system startup time (about 40%)

  • Lots of spinning beach balls throughout the day
  • I've had to force quit applications a few times
  • I've had to hard restart my computer twice
  • Slower shutdown time
Overall, I think it's okay.  I recommend waiting, though, before upgrading to avoid the spinning beach balls and required restarts that reduce productivity.  Perhaps those issues will be resolved with version 10.8.1.


CGreenTX said...

It's the best service pack I've ever paid for!

Nick Nicholaou said...

I just had lunch with an IT colleague, and we talked a little about Mountain Lion. He told me about a member of his IT team that upgraded to Mountain Lion, and whose Mac was subsequently hijacked via Messages! It then began sending inappropriate messages to those in his address book!