Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clover-- A Great Website Resource for Churches

I was talking with Ian Utile with Trinet, a web solution and development company that helps many large ministries. I like Ian; he's Kingdom-minded, and it shows.

We were talking about the need many churches have for a less expensive solution, and he told me about Clover. Clover has an amazing set of tools for churches for an amazingly low price. If you're thinking of changing where you church is hosted and want a new website for very little $$ (only $1000 plus $20/month for hosting!), check them out.

Ian's also in a terrific Christian band called Take No Glory. I just listened to their music, and it's very good... check 'em out!

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Take No Glory said...

Thanks for mentioning us Nick!

The service you provide for ministries is awesome. We pray God will continue to use you to serve many.

Joyfully serving Jesus,
Take No Glory