Monday, February 16, 2009

O'Reilly @ Reagan Presidential Library

My family and I got to enjoy a special treat yesterday. We drove an hour up to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library after church and got to see a bunch of things that most don't ever see up close and personal. Some of those were:
  • The Oval Office
  • The Magna Carta (the original is on loan there!)
  • Air Force One (this picture is me and Grace as we're entering Air Force One)
  • President Reagan's Tomb
  • A large section of the Berlin wall
As if that wouldn't be enough, we also got to hear one of our favorite commentators speak live! Bill O'Reilly spoke extemporaneously to a sold out theater for about an hour. He was entertaining, provocative, insightful, and just plain awesome! We were in the front of the room and sat just a few seats over from Mr. J.D. Powers! Our 17yo daughter and her boyfriend were with us and also greatly enjoyed it.

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