Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Windows Server 64 Bit

When we recently received new servers from Dell, they came with 64-bit processors. We did a little research, saw no caution signs, and decided to install Microsoft's 64-bit Windows Server NOS. What a nightmare!

We discovered that the drivers included on the discs weren't 64-bit! So we fought gremlins for a few hours until we realized that the drivers Microsoft installed were only 32-bit, and they were the cause of our problems! So began the tedious task of searching websites for 64-bit drivers for printers and more.

We next found that many of the Microsoft tools we rely upon only operate in 32-bit system! So we again had to search the web for 64-bit solutions. For those that only exist as 32-bit, we had to create a virtual Windows XP Pro we could log in to remotely to run them... far from ideal.

Our Conclusion
So, we decided we will avoid 64-bit Microsoft NOSs until they release a version that includes 64-bit tools and drivers that work nativly on those systems. Our clients deserve more efficiency and stability than 64-bit currently delivers.

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