Friday, November 9, 2007

Verizon FiOS Failure Follow-Up

Well, when I'm not exactly right, I need to say so. Following is from Gary Messmer, our Lead Network Engineer, that gives further details about the Verizon FiOS outage. In an email he said:
"Verizon finally told me late yesterday what transpired. Apparently vandals destroyed conduit and the cabling inside it underneath a freeway overpass near Los Angeles early morning on November 7. That act crippled five Verizon OC48 circuits (OC48 is 2.5gbps – backbone circuits.) Based on what was cut, it also destroyed the redundancy which was originally engineered into their network. As you've seen, Verizon beat the original service restoration time of 11:00 pm November 9, by a good margin but we were all in an email blackout for nearly 24 hours."
So even though they haven't looped their customers as promised-- and we'd still like to see that fixed-- lack of local loops was not the cause of our outage yesterday.

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