Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earbud Silicon Tip Stuck in Ear!

I never saw this one coming. I took my earbuds out of my ears, and was bummed to see that one of them was missing the silicon tip. Thinking it must have fallen on the floor, I looked around but couldn't find it. Disappointed, I planned to go on with my day. But I noticed my hearing in one ear was a little off, and discovered the tip was still in there!

This happened just before takeoff on a 3-hour flight. So, after we were up in the air I approached the flight attendant and asked if they had tweezers I could borrow. Saying they didn't, she asked me why I needed them. I told her, and she offered to page for a doctor or make an emergency landing. I declined both offers, figuring I would wait until we landed and take care of it then.

After landing I retrieved my bag, got my tweezers, and was able to remove the silicon tip. Boy, was I relieved.

Lesson learned: no more earbuds! I'm switching to over-the-ear headphones!

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