Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Favorite iPad Apps

I'm often asked what my favorite iPad apps are.  Here's the current list (most are free; some aren't):
  • Communications
    • Bria - a softphone that works with VoIP PBX systems
    • IM+ Pro - a jabber client that interfaces with private instant message systems
    • Twitterific - Twitter client
  • Productivity
    • FileBrowser - good app to attach to file servers and copy files back and forth (does not auto-sync, though)
    • iThoughtsHD - mind mapping brainstorming and note taking app
    • Vtrace - helps show folks how many hops there are between them and the Internet server they're connecting to
  • Fun & Games
    • ArtPuzzles - great puzzle app
    • Backgammon - good app, but it cheats a lot
    • Hangman
    • Sudoku +
    • Zentonimo - another fun puzzle app
  • Mobile Empowerment
    • American Airlines HD
    • Lifelike Clock - great alarm clock
    • iTap RDP - great terminal server client
    • Spb Wallet - great electronic wallet that syncs with Windows, Mac, and Droids
  • Media
    • Netflix
    • Trailers
  • Reference
    • Bible from
    • Bible Verse
    • Kindle
    • Logos Bible
    • RecipeBook
  • Utilities
    • Air Display - makes iPad a WiFi-connected additional display for Mac and Windows computers
    • Calculator HD
    • Net Master HD - great network poking app
    • NHK Clock HD - great analog clock app
    • Speed Test

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Glenn Wood said...

My initial suggestions based on ltd iPad use:

Prefer Lastpass to Spb Wallet; like the cross platform/browser feature
Notability - notetaking, recorder, PDF annotator I am playing with, so far really like it
Google Voice - access to VM from cell
Flixster - movie times & locations
Slacker over Pandora
Mindjet for mapping
IP Cam Viewer - allows access to our campus cameras & Dept of Transportation traffic cameras
Roambi - using for graphing campus attendance on a weekly  & monthly basis

Glenn Wood, Seacoast Church