Monday, May 2, 2011

Web Development & IT-- Are They the Same Thing?

While at a conference last week it hit me that those who are not entrenched in IT (information technology) often don't know there's a difference between web development and IT.  While the two are related (they both involve computers and data transfers), they are very different.

My Definitions
  • IT is the applied science of creating a data infrastructure that supports the applications a team needs to accomplish its mission.  It includes engineering servers, firewalls, switches and routers, workstations, and software.
  • Web Development is the applied art of communicating an organization's mission to help people understand the what's, why's, who's, and how's necessary to accomplish its mission.
I'm not saying web development isn't technical-- it is!  But it is very different from IT.


David S. said...

Hey Nick, my comment turned into a blog post so I moved it to my blog rather than take yours over :-)

Nick Nicholaou said...

Excellent post, David!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the distinction between web development and IT is often blurred, particularly among those outside the field based on my experience in Boston Web Development. While both involve the same subjects, the application of the terms greatly differs. Your definitions differentiate the communication purpose of web development and the infrastructure support purpose of IT.

mark l vincent said...

Thanks for helping to make the distinction.