Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mac Malware is On The Rise

For years I've been saying that the Mac is susceptible to malware attacks.  In fact, I'm on record in my articles that it's the most vulnerable of modern OS's.  The attacks on Macs are on the rise, and I encourage you to make certain your Macs are all protected with a solid anti-malware solution.  The one we recommend is Sophos.


BearsFan34 said...

The best anti-malware "solution" on a Mac is very simple: a small bit of education and un-checking the "Open Files after download" in Safari preferences. Runnign Sophos or Norton boggs down OSX and is unnecessary. A bit of education, learning or teaching Mac users when not to enter their administrator password (or, even better, make the user a Standard user on their own machine) will go a LOT further than running a bloated anti-malware program that will cause more helpdesk tickets of "my Mac is running slowly!" and such. Education + uncheck a box + common sense is the best way to go. Macs are not PCs which can get viruses/malware without ANY user interaction. Taking a bit of time to teach and/or remind will go a long way, more so than running needless software.

Microent said...

And it is exactly this mindset that will get all the mac users in a lot of trouble. If you are responsible for IT in your MAC using organization, you must be responsible and protect your equipment. The problem is you must address the weakest link because it only takes one mess up to bring down the company. We have dual core powerful machines. There are some pretty lite a/v out there and for the record windows 7 has those same protections in place... Many disable them as on the macs

Nick Nicholaou said...

These two comments are great representations of two very different ways people are responding to this issue. As an IT guy, I think I have to agree with Microent that the best prevention doesn't rely on the good habits of users.

Instead, we need to do all we can to help users focus on their mission and role without distractions.

BTW... we have not found Sophos to be intrusive on the Mac experience. I just checked, and although it is running 10 threads, it is using 0% CPU time and only 14.3mb of memory.