Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CITRT is Awesome!

The Church Information Technology Round Table continues to meet the needs of many in IT ministry.  Yesterday I attended my third roundtable event this year-- this one hosted by ACS Technologies, and was again challenged and encouraged.  Next month I'm attending one hosted by Shelby Systems, and already I can't wait!

If you or someone you know serves a church or ministry by helping with their computer systems, these grassroots events are a 'must attend'!

What Is a Roundtable Meeting Like?
The meeting usually begins with brief introductions by everyone attending, then goes into the listing of topics attendees would like to discuss.  Those items are then prioritized by the attendees, and then the fun begins!  We all share... we're all helping each other!

It's a great opportunity to meet peers, be encouraged, get answers, and help others.  Get to know this group!

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