Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mac Office 2008 Critical Update Released Today-- CAUTION!!

Today Microsoft released a critical update for Mac Office 2008.  If you run the Web Services Edition (Version 13.0.3-- click the Entourage menu option and About Entourage to find out), DO NOT RUN THE UPDATE!

Because it was critical, I ran it, then spent the next few hours bonding with my friends in Microsoft's India support facility as we reset things back to where they were before I ran the install.  They will test it (don't you think they shoulda done that before releasing it?) and let me know tomorrow what they find.

In the meantime: STOP!

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FITrainer said...

I tried to run the Web Service Edition update and it did not let me get pass a certain point and gave me a error message that the version was not comptablie with the update so I could not go on