Monday, July 13, 2009

Solar Power Bummer!

Primarily to save money on power, but also because it's a good thing to do, we contracted with SolarCity to install a solar power generating system on our roof. We contracted for a fairly large system: 5.25kw! It was to be installed by the end of this summer.

SolarCity's engineer came to do his field work in preparation for drawing up the plans for the city permit. While here he observed that our roof-- which is in great condition and has many years of life left-- was installed on top of the previous roof. Because the previous roof was wood shingles, SolarCity later told us that unless we re-roof, they won't install a system for us. The engineer told us this is a new company policy that was set in place after we signed our contract.

Our choice was to re-roof, or cancel our contract with them.

Our roof is not uneven or wavy... it is very flat. In fact, we didn't even know that the asphalt shingles are on top of the old wood shingles! Buyer beware! This felt like an up-sale, we felt ripped off.


Brett Mason said...

Whenever a conservative Christian tries to help the environment, a wrinkle in the psycho-neural-atmosphere results, with surprising effects.

In your case, a wooden roof was quickly installed underneath your regular roof, and an entry was made on the score sheet, indicating yet another conservative who does not support "green" initiatives.

The fact that you cancel a contract is proof... Just wait till you try to vote!

Jason Lee said...

Nick, bummer indeed.. but how could it have been an "up-sell" unless the solar energy provider was wanting to bid your roofing job too..

Nick Nicholaou said...

Brett-- you're so funny!

Jason-- Point well taken, though it felt like they were willing to help me get there if I agreed... but nothing concrete there...