Friday, January 9, 2009

Palm is Still In The Game!

Not surprisingly, Palm has come out with a new smartphone to try and stay in the game. What is surprising is how good a job they've done!

More Than the Usual Stuff
Like all the other smartphones being released these days, the new Palm Pre has an elegant touch screen. But beyond that, they've got a slideout keyboard (I like those better than the way the Blackberry Storm works) and an application called Synergy that's awesome.

Synergy takes all your contacts from Outlook, FaceBook, Google, etc and brings them all together! It also consolidates calendars and task lists. And it eliminates duplicates! For instance, if I was in your Outlook contact list and your FaceBook list, it would only show me once but would show that it's pulling / combining information from both! Someone had to come up with a way to simplify all the lists and social networks we work with today. And, if you're like me, you get notified of new social networks weekly.

Way to go, Palm! I'm glad you're still in the game, and look forward to trying one of your new devices soon. I hope they work on Verizon's wireless network...

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Ian Beyer said...

Sprint's got the exclusive on these, but since Sprint and VZW effectively share a network (that vast majority of both networks is contracted out to third-party CDMA tower operators), it technically will work on Verizon's network, you just need to have your service from Sprint :)