Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 - The Year for Change!

2009 will be a year of many changes. Some changes bring with them a lot of hope; we like those. Some changes make us feel uneasy; we'd like to avoid those.

Wireless Microphone Change
One change that is making many in church ministry uneasy is the fact that most wireless microphones used in church services will have to be replaced soon. The FCC has changed the spectrum in which these devices can legally operate in. This 'White Spaces' decision will cost many churches a lot of money during a time when funding may be limited due to the recession.

Shure has put together a web page summarizing the 130-page legislation with links... click here to get there.

Yes, 2009 is sure to be a year of many changes. Fortunately, for those of us in ministry, it will also be a year of many ministry opportunities.

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