Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our New President-Elect -- Congrats, U.S.!!

Yesterday’s political decision was truly historic. Just decades after civil rights marches, we have a black president-elect! This is a good moment for the United States of America.

How I Voted
I come from a very conservative part of the country; I am an independent conservative and did not vote for Mr. Obama. Some with whom I've spoken today are concerned about the future of our country— not because he’s black, but because he is so liberal. One even went so far as to say he’s evil!

What does scripture say? Romans 13:1 says our authorities are put in their position by God! For our good! And that was written at a time when the political leaders-of-the-day were killing Christians!

While the coming political season in the U.S. will be interesting to watch, let’s agree to pray for the success of our leaders— even those for whom we did not vote— in accomplishing what God put them in place to accomplish.


Barry Buchanan said...

Thanks for your honesty and integrity. I understand why you vote dthe way you did. I did vote for Barack but would have supported whoever was elected as commanded.

Nick Nicholaou said...

Thanks, Barry, for your encouragement. I thought Barack's victory speech was terrific, and am hopeful for his success as our president.

Carroll Burns said...

Nick, I thank you also for your honest in regards to how you voted in the election. I also honor the step you took in congratulating America on such a historic moment. I too am very conservative in my view in regards to life, and the direction of this country. I am in a very rare position being a black American male in the south, I am a registered Republican. I say this is rare because it is pretty much set in stone that if you are black and in the south, you "must" vote Democratic. Regardless of who is running. My convictions to the Word of God will not allow me to take that stance.
Needless to say, this was the most difficult election that I have ever taken part in. To be totally honest my heart and affection being a black American pulled me to want to vote for Mr. Obama right off the bat. But when looking at his policies, my convictions kicked in and arrested that thought. It was one of the greatest battles in my Christian walk that I have ever had.
But then I ran across and article that had actually come out in February of 2007 by Kim Clement. Kim Clement is a white Prophet of God, born in South Africa. Now I am the first to admit that I have not always been accepting of the Ministry of the Prophetic. Over the past 4 years or more, I have learned to understand it more through prayer, and revelation. In his first article, before much of the country or world knew much about Mr. Obama, he declared a prophecy about an African American running for and becoming President of the United States.( ) He also stated how he may not have the conservative views of the bible, but that God would touch and change his heart to follow Him. After reading this prophecy and really praying to God about the direction He would have me to go in this election, my decision to vote was made easier. I was able to vote with the confidence I was following His will for me.
I would love for others to follow the link and read the prophecy and ask God for the revelation of it that He has for them.

Nick Nicholaou said...

Thanks, Carroll, for sharing your struggle and process. The Lord is definitely in charge, and we have great peace in knowing that.