Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting a Good Seat on Southwest Airlines

A friend who flies Southwest Airlines a lot for business shared with me his trick for getting a good seat. I was glad to hear it because I avoid SW as much as possible specifically because of the way they do their seating. Here's what he does:

While waiting to board, he scans the front of the first group and looks for younger couples flying together; couples without kids. He has observed they'll often occupy the window and isle seats, leaving the middle one open because they're hoping for more space. When he boards he goes to sit between them, and they almost always vacate the isle seat so they're not separated.

Pretty smart, huh!


Hey Norton said...

This assumes that the aisle seats are the preferred seats on the aircraft.

It's always a dilemma for me. My eyes like looking out the window, my legs prefer the freedom to stretch into the aisle and back in the day when they served meals, my stomach preferred being near the back of the plane when you could ask if there were any leftovers.

Brad Boydston said...

OR... you can always check in early enough to get a good seat. I've never had trouble getting an aisle seat on Southwest.