Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring CITRT Roundtable & ministryTECH Success!

It was great to gather with 160 or so IT guys and gals who care about the effective use of technology in churches last week! Kudos to Terrell Sanders and his team for putting together a great two-day conference and to Jason Powell and his team for another great Roundtable!

Some of my highlights were--
  • Visiting with friends and colleagues from around the country
  • Great bumper music and fun videos
  • Great keynotes and workshops
  • Awesome facilities
  • Lots of food!
  • Buffalo wings hot enough to melt the polar ice caps
If you're not already considering it, plan on attending the Fall Roundtable in October!


David Szpunar said...

Yeah it was a lot of fun, glad to see you again! But I didn't know Sprint was a sponsor... ;-)

Nick Nicholaou said...

Thanks for pointing that typo out, David! The 't' key is perilously close to the 'g' key! LOL

Stephanie said...

Can you tell me where I can find out more information on the Roundtable in October? Thanks!

Nick Nicholaou said...

Check out for the latest details.