Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Ministry IT Yahoo Group Announced!

At one of today's Ministry IT Summit sessions (a three-day conference for church and ministry IT people held in conjunction with the National CLA Conference we announced a new Ministry IT Yahoo Group where members (membership is free!) can pose questions and solutions to help our ministries accomplish their goal of building The Kingdom. Please join! The more; the better!


Tony Dye said...

Hey Nick, why yet another mailing list? Of course, I'm all for more ways for more Church IT people to connect, but what's wrong with what we already have in itDiscuss and other existing CITRT resources?

Jason Powell said...

What Tony said. Let's funnel people to already established resources vs. creating yet another ... my 2 cents worth.

JasonReynolds said...

I echo these guys. Too much erosion and not enough collaboration. I've covered it exhaustively before here: http://churchcio.com/two-church-it-roundtable-goodies but why not put your energy into aggregation and syndication rather reinvention. What are you hoping to add through YAL (yet another list) to the global ministry IT conversation? mhonarc is the tool i would use to aggregate mailing lists if I were to redirect my energy to creating focus/discovery rather than carving out something I could oversee. Just my two cents.

Nick Nicholaou said...

I agree with the concerns Tony, Jason #1, and Jason #2 (you guys will have to decide who is #1 and who is #2!). Here's what hapened:
1. First, know that I was not trying to replace or compete with CITRT.org.
2. I guess I don’t see anything like the passive Yahoo Group communication tool in CITRT... but may just need to be walked through it.
3. I was speaking to a group this week of mostly parachurch ministries (probably 80-90% parachurch, 10-20% church) and they expressed a need. These included the likes of The Navigators, World Vision, Focus, Compassion, as well as some mega/multi-site churches, and more.
4. Though we only announced it a couple of days ago, there are already 56 members and there have already been 20 messages.

Again, I’m not trying to replace or compete with the CITRT movement. In fact, I bragged about it, recommended the attendees participate, and pointed everyone to Jason Powell's blog!

I'm awaiting a call from Jason so we can talk this through. I have no problem merging with something on CITRT.org if there's a similar function there that folks participate in.