Friday, June 8, 2007

Charging Cell Phones Without Wires!

At a CCMag Conference a few years ago Steve Hewitt predicted that someday we'll be transmitting electricity through the air-- no wires. The rest of us on the panel were astonished that he'd make such a prediction-- in fact, I laughed! Today it's happening!

The Future is Here!
Last November an MIT group announced they found a way to charge our cell phones without using wires, and a couple of months ago a Pennsylvania inventor actually created a product that does exactly that!

Think about where this could go:
  • Lighter cell phones with smaller batteries that never run out of power
  • Lighter notebook computers with smaller batteries that never run out of power
  • Electric razors, electric vehicles...
Is It Safe?
That's a question I think will be debated without end, just like they're still debating the safety of cell phones. The device uses radio technology, merely taking radio waves and turning their energy into DC energy. As the technology develops and matures, the possibilities are endless!

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