Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Typing that Inspires?

Many of us in IT have never learned to touch-type, but have spent many hours typing. I'm one of those, and I type about eighty words/minute!

I don't think about it until someone watches me and makes a comment. Today my good friend Phill Martin with NACBA was sitting with me at the Spring IT Roundtable and marveled as he watched me typing! It was funny to see his reaction at my unconventional typing method!

Here's how I do it: Primarily using the second finger of each hand, I float over the keyboard and hit the keys I need to. I don't try to use the same fingers on the same keys... that would just slow me down! And to augment my typing speed further, I sometimes use my index fingers and thumbs too. It must look pretty funny!

1 comment:

Fady Eldeiry said...

It does look pretty funny! I was thinking the same thing when I saw you typing last week, but couldn't come up with any funny comments!

It's interesting that you still type 80 words a minute. I guess I won't watch Airline Gate Agents anymore to see how they type!