Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Is anyone else in church and ministry IT concerned about Skype? Our research shows that using it has the potential of turning your system into a supernode. It may be that behind a firewall or without a public IP address bound to your NIC, there's no danger. What do you think?



Nick Nicholaou said...

I've gotten a few emails about this post, and here's what I've been saying in response:

Skype is great! I use it when calling overseas (no need within the U.S. since my cell phone has free domestic long distance included).

The key is probably configuring it so that it doesn’t automatically start when your computer starts, and then shutting it down when not using it. And being behind a firewall is wise, probably doing a lot to stop the supernode issue.

That’s the best research I’ve got so far,


Skywalker said...

In my ignorance, I had to google supernode to understand what you are talking about. Does this mean other skype users completely unrelated to your buddy list and phone calls use your installation of Skype to transfer other call data?

Almost like a SETI@home client?

That's kind of a silly example, but if I understood what you're referring to, that's almost what it sounds like. Something that uses your computers resources while you're idle. Is that right?

Great blog, btw.

Nick Nicholaou said...

Thanks, Skywalker, for the kudos on my blog! It originates in Huntington Beach, by the way, which is where you blog profile says you grew up!

You're correct in your understanding of a supernode. As best as we can identify it, running Skype can allow their software to use your computer as a supernode, allowing anyone-- and as many as need it-- to connect through it.