Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Tips to a Happy Marriage

Grace and I have been married for 28 years. That's a long time! We still have lots of fun together; we'd even say we're still in love. There are a couple of things I do to try to keep our marriage vibrant, and I don't know of many that do these two things.

The first is kind of a tech-tip.
I have a recurring task in Outlook remind me to ask her out on a date every two weeks. You might say I shouldn't need to do that; but I do! Without it I could easily go for many months before realizing it's been awhile since I last asked her out! So I let Outlook remind me to continue romancing her, and we both benefit.
The second is one which must be approached carefully. But, if not abused, it will do wonders towards keeping your marriage romantic.
Every few (3-5) years I take my wife on an extravagant date that usually involves travel, luxurious lodging, great meals, and entertainment. It's never in the budget, which is why it can't be abused. And it definitely sets us back a little in our financial goals.

This may sound irresponsible, so let me explain myself.

I believe our wives want us to be good managers, but they also want to believe we're head over heels in love with them. And that should drive us, every now and then, to show it in an I'm crazy in love with you kind of way.

I should also say that every time I have told my wife-- who is a CPA and, thus, frugally minded-- that I was thinking of doing something crazy like that, she was initially opposed. But, becuase they are always things I know she will enjoy (they cannot be something focusing on something I want to do for my hobby, etc), they become the stories she most loves to recount.

If the Lord takes one of us home early, I know these special occasions will be some of the memories that will always bring a smile. And life insurance can cover a multitude of such craziness.
Well, there you go. A couple of tips that can help enrich and build a marriage. Be careful on that second one, though! Don't go so crazy with it that you kill yourselves with debt!

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