Sunday, May 6, 2012

HTC Thunderbolt vs Motorola RazrMaxx

I switched to a Motorola RazrMaxx smartphone last week because I needed a better hotspot for when I'm away.  I'd been using a HTC Thunderbolt and liked it a lot, except that it was a very weak hotspot (acknowledged by HTC).  Here's a quick impression of the RazrMaxx compared to the Thunderbolt.
  • Size & weight are similar
  • RazrMaxx Weaknesses
    • The viewable image is unnecessarily narrow for the frame
    • Location of the Home button is unique
    • The Dock is not as nice
    • The Keyboard has smaller keys & no cursor keys
    • No kickstand
  • RazrMaxx Strengths
    • Great battery life
    • Hotspot performs well
    • Proximity Sensor turns screen off when phone is next to face
    • Double USB-port charger
I hope that helps you evaluate whether a change is in your future.


Nick Nicholaou said...

I'm on-site at a client this week and am using my RazrMaxx extensively. Over the last couple of days I have talked on calls for more than two hours each day and used it as a hotspot for multiple computers to connect to the Internet through for more than two hours each day. Yet each day the battery only used about one quarter of its charge! That's amazing!

David S. said...

That is amazing for all you're throwing at it! Sounds like you're running a full battery of tests.