Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Article: Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows and Mac OSX operating systems each have built-in shortcut keystrokes that can be great time-savers. While this has always been true, I find that most computer users today have either forgotten many of them, or have never even known about them!


milany said...

Keyboard shortcuts is very important in navigating computer, and we should also know the differences of the keyboard shortcuts from mac and windows and having this blog enable the readers to know the difference.
thanks for the informations.

Blogging Guides For Beginner said...

unfortunately, most of users prefer to use their mouse instead type the shortcut on their keyboard.


CCNA Singapore said...

Yeah, that's true. Either laziness really sets in or they are giving excuse of being lazy to learn or even use the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts are way much more convenient and fast to perform certain tasks.