Thursday, October 6, 2011

The World Will Miss Steve Jobs

That post title is a true statement, whether or not you're an Apple Fanboy.  Steve Jobs did the remarkable at Apple:
  • He brought Apple back from the brinks of bankruptcy by giving computers to schools; a gutsy move that paid off.
  • He had the vision to help change the computer, smartphone, and music industries.
  • He helped achieve a culture in computing that is remarkable.
Steve Jobs led an inspirational life in many ways.  However, it appears he missed in one way that he'll always regret.  While no one knows for certain the internal personal decisions he made regarding faith and religion, the best I can turn up in my research suggests that he followed Buddhist teachings and was not a Christ follower.  If that is true, he is not in a happy place now, and that is a fate we want for no one.

A colleague told me this morning that it'd be a shame if he did all those great things, but if he wasn't born again, it would all be over for him now.  I don't think that's exactly how it works.  The Bible says life is eternal, and that the single gate through which we can enter into a joyous eternity is belief in Jesus Christ.  If Steve Jobs did not walk through that narrow gate, then The Bible says he is not in a joyous eternity today.  And that is a shame.  And because of that one decision, he may now be missing the world even more than the world is missing him.

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