Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Password Giggles

An IT colleague shared with me today that they recently switched from passwords to passphrases (passphrases are longer passwords that are easy to remember).  The staff there has really taken to it, and the IT crew enjoys watching as some people giggle when logging in!

Here are some real passphrases that can get 'em giggling:
  • About husband:  Rick'sButtRocks!
  • About boss:  Tim'sAjerk,lol
  • About ex's lawyer:  use your imagination!
You get the idea.  Passphrases, in addition to being fun, can improve network security!

One friend creates very long passphrases to help him memorize verses.  Consider, for instance:

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Cloud Computing Singapore said...

Hah, those are funny passwords to have. Wonder will anyone forget them after some time though.