Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is Chrislam Another Nigerian Phishing Scam?

This week I've been introduced to a new term: Chrislam. It's an attempt to fuse Christianity and Islam. Since these two religions are seemingly irreconciliable, I decided to do some reading on it.

Chrislam was founded in Nigeria in the 1980s. Nigeria. As an IT guy, 'Nigeria' makes me think of the many phishing scams that originate there. Is Chrislam another Nigerian phishing scam? I think so! The target of this scam, however, is not your financial resources. It is your soul.

Jesus was very clear; there is no way to heaven except by his atoning sacrifice. Like oil and water, Islam and Christianity cannot blend.

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Anonymous said...

i am from nigeria and i think you are a stereotypical idiot...