Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New iPad2 -- Is It Worth Upgrading?

Okay, maybe I'm turning into a fanboy (aaggghh!), but I went to our local Apple Store to talk to the geniuses about buying a new iPad2.  There are some improvements and changes (it doesn't necessarily have to be better, just different!), but here's what they told me:
  • The processor is faster, but you won't likely notice a difference
  • The case is white
  • It has two cameras
The bottom line for me, they said, was that if I didn't need the camera, I should stay with the iPad I have.  That was good advice, I think-- and it saved me about $900!

1 comment:

Scott Wilder said...

Spot on. The camera makes this a compelling choice for video chatters. Otherwise little reason to upgrade.