Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mounting Network Volumes on Macs

I like having my Mac automatically attach a couple of our network volumes when I login.  I've found a few ways to do this, which our clients' Mac users seem to really appreciate.  Here's the best method I've landed on so far.
  1. The Mac OS includes an application in the Utilities folder called AppleScript Editor.  Open it, which will give you the ability to begin creating a script
  2. Insert the following, including the quote marks and substituting your server name and share where indicated:  mount volume "smb://[servername]/[share]"
  3. Repeat on as many lines as necessary for as many shares as you'd like to automatically mount
  4. Save the script, then save it as an application
  5. In System Preferences, under Accounts, go to the user's Login Items and add the app you created in step 4, and then check the Hide box associated with that app
  6. Restart the Mac and let it mount the apps; mine takes about 40 seconds to mount two volumes
  7. Finally, in Finder, drag and drop the mounted volumes to the Devices section of the Sidebar to make them easily available when saving files in applications
Those seven steps are actually a quick and easy process that will help the Mac users on your network.  And once you've created the script and application, you can copy it to all of your Macs!

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