Thursday, April 22, 2010

McAfee Causing Corporate Meltdown -- The Fix

Yesterday McAfee caused havoc in corporate America by telling Windows XP workstations that a necessary file was a worm!  If you’re running McAfee for anti-virus protection, at least some of your workstations may have been affected.  The symptoms are constant rebooting and/ or inability to do any work on them.

McAfee apologized by posting a fixed SuperDAT.  If your systems are unable to connect, click here to download it directly.

McAfee posted instructions on how to replace the file it deleted manually on their website... click here to access it.

In December last year we announced that we moved our anti-virus spec from McAfee to Sophos because of Sophos' ability to protect systems better in today's computing environment.


Stuart said...

Well it wasn't just America - the rest of the world - those that use McAfee and mostly Corporately were just as likely to be affected by the false infection.

My company (>40,000 PCs) was hit but fortunately not too hard but a few of our clients in Europe suffered major outages with an excess of 17,000 machins being hit by the problem. And those are just the ones I read about.

Nick Nicholaou said...

We also saw it only affecting a percentage of our clients' systems, though some had very high percentages...