Friday, November 13, 2009

New Article: Annual Church & Donor Management Software List & Feature Chart

I get the privilege of publishing an annual article listing those leading the field of church and donor management software and their product's features. We found 62 software companies focusing on the church and ministry management market this year, but only 34 qualified to be included in the article (remember, these are supposed to be market leaders, so we qualify them three ways: actively marketing, minimum growth, and an update released in the last two years).

You can get a free advance copy in PDF format by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated article. I would love if you could include Intuit Quickbooks for Non-Profit in your comparison next time. Some claim it can be used for churches, it would be nice to see how it's capabilities stack up to actual church management software. Thank you.

Nick Nicholaou said...

I agree that it would have been advantageous to have QuickBooks Non-Profit Edition included. Unfortunately they were unable or unwilling to answer the questions that were required of all participants. Maybe next year!