Monday, April 27, 2009

Nick's Hardware Picks

Every few years I publish an article about the hardware we find most helpful and reliable, and where to buy it. I've just posted a free copy of it on our website in PDF format, and you can download a copy by clicking here!

I hope you find it helpful!


Matthew Irvine said...

NICK! That's an amazing resource! Thanks a million!

Chris Green said...

The 27xx series switches are great budget units, but we don't use them much anymore due to their sub-par VLAN support. We usually stick with the 35xx series. Yes, we trade off the gigabit capability to the desktops but the reality is that very few will take advantage of it anyway.

Nick Nicholaou said...

Good comment and feedback, Chris. The consider the specs we publish to be 'minimum' specs. The 27xx series delivers great bang for the buck and deliver what's needed well for most churches and ministries. Regarding the gigabit speed, our clients notice it and like it!