Sunday, December 28, 2008

My 2009 Challenge-- What I Hope To Do

Our church decided to give all the volunteers and staff the day off this last Sunday of 2008. It's the least attendance Sunday of the year, so they decided instead to give us a devotional to help us look at the year just concluded and pray for what God has for us in the year ahead.

Before doing the devotional with my family I attended the Second Life service at The message inspired and challenged me. It also impacted what I would say during our family devotional time.

2009 Will Be Challenging
For the first time in many years, I'm wondering if God will move us this year. We're as overextended as many in Southern California, and so it's not beyond the realm of possibility. I mentioned this to my family as we shared our concerns for 2009.

I also mentioned that my biggest concern over possibly having to move is that I don't feel we've impacted our neighbors enough cor Christ. We've sponsored and hosted neighborhood block parties and movie nights, but only one person in the fifteen homes here has decided to place their trust in Jesus in the twelve years we've lived here.

So I challenged my family to think of practical ways we can serve our neighbors, believing it will have a greater spiritual impact on them. The way I thought of was to use my computer and bicycle repair skills for them. Please pray with me that we would see more trust in Jesus before our time in this neighborhood comes to an end-- whether in 2009 or in 2049.


Dean Lisenby said...

Excellent Post.. love the idea!

Jeff Wilson said...

Nick...thanks for being so transparent. Sara and I have been burdened as well for our neighbors. We have lived here for 8 years and knew most of our neighbors, but many have moved away. She made Christmas cookies and we delivered them to our neighbors this year. Hopefully this will be the door opener for us this year.

I'm also getting ready to have my 30th HS reunion. I believe God is leading me to get involved in the planning of the reunion for the purpose of sharing Christ with my classmates. This will be a HUGE challenge in that I was much different in HS than I am today, thank you God.

I'll be praying for your opportunities with your neighbors and also for God to reveal His desires for your family.


Nick Nicholaou said...

Way to go Jeff!

The part of what the speaker said that hit home with me was that he served his dorm-mates for months where they needed it.

Let's pray that as we each serve in ways that meet needs, we'll see a harvest for Jesus.