Friday, October 17, 2008


I got a ticket in the first few days of California's new cellphone law. I know I've earned many tickets for which I was never caught, so I just paid the ticket. An option was to take traffic school to keep the point off my record and keep my insurance low, just $57-- and two nights. I agreed.

While in traffic school last night I learned that my infraction may not have been one that earns a point; that it's treated more like a parking ticket. But the instructor (who probably gets paid per attendee) said he I should stay in the class in case that info is not accurate... so I stayed. This morning I confirmed that it's a non-point infraction; the courts should not have offered traffic school as an option.

So I sat through four hours of grueling torture last night, all the time realizing that I freely chose to be there even though I probably didn't have to be. I wonder if that's kind of like what Hell will be like-- sort of Hell-Lite.


Matthew Irvine said...

You said what "Hell will be like." I hope you're not planning on finding out. :)

Peter Schott said...

On the positive side, almost every state offers insurance discounts if you take a driver safety course. You may want to call your insurance agent about that. I think ours amounts to a 10% discount in TX - more than double the amount of the class. I agree that sitting through the courses can be draining. Did an online one once and it was just a LONG course without much new information. :P

Justin Moore said...

Unfortunately, the worst part about this is that the safe driving course won't be an option for you now on your next ticket ;)

Nick Nicholaou said...

You're right, Justin! I need to be careful and to pray that I don't get any tickets for at least eighteen months! (My last ticket was about six or eight years ago.)