Friday, July 11, 2008

Okay... So God's Still Got Work to Do in Me

Today while boarding a flight, the gate agent decided that my bag-- of all the bags in line-- needed to be put in the sizer rack to see if it was too big. There were lots of folks with larger ones, but she decided to focus on my bag. It was about an inch too long, and so had to be checked-- over my protest.

My Anger Burned!
I sat on the plane and was so angry because so many oversize bags were being stuffed into the overhead compartment! Why me? It wasn't fair!

Then I sensed God saying somewhere deep within, "Why are you so mad, Nick? Is it supposed to be fair? Are you supposed to get special treatment? Just serve me with a good spirit, and you'll be okay."

Still In Process...
Well, there you go again! Yet another time when I needed to grow! Unfortunately, I bet it won't be the last! ;~)

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