Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Basher

I guess I'm gaining a reputation among Mac users as a basher. I really don't hate the Mac... I just don't love it any more than I love the PC! To some that's sacrilege, but it's my job. And I can't imagine doing my job well if I was different.

Here's How I See It
We've been working with churches and ministries nationwide for more than twenty years. We've rarely seen a hardware or software product that we haven't felt needed to improve in some way. Our standards are high because we're consulting for organizations who have the most important mission on Earth, and we want to empower them to do their work better and more effectively.

So when we look at IT solutions, we applaud any improvement in helping church and ministry users accomplish their mission without distraction. At the same time, though, we challenge solution providers to improve any way they can. Those improvements are typically in one of two flavors:
  1. Enhancements that improve the abilities of their product, and
  2. Fixes that correct inherent problems in their product.
We have not hesitated in years past to throw tomatoes at IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Novell, Microsoft, Corel, Adobe, Symantec, and many others-- including church management software solutions. That's our job! We objectively evaluate and recommend. We have never profited from any hardware or software solutions we recommended because that would diminish our objectivity. And we enjoy relationships with the leadership of many of these companies.

So, I don't hate the Mac any more than I hate any other IT solution. To me these are all tools to accomplish a job. I am disappointed that so much of the Mac reputation is proving to be hype rather than fact... but then we've been dealing with that from some other solution providers for years.

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