Monday, October 15, 2007

Windows 2003 Server R2 64-Bit Head Scratcher

Every now and then you run into something "special" that just makes you scratch your head and wonder. That just happened to us while installing the 64-bit version of Windows Server 2003 R2... and you're gonna love it!

The Process
We installed the NOS, patched it, installed SQL 2005 64-bit, then installed our client's database. However, the database wouldn't run because it wanted us to have a default printer defined. So we installed a default printer, and it still wouldn't run!

The Conundrum
We installed, configured, and uninstalled a bunch of printers-- including the Generic/Text Only printer. Still, the database wouldn't launch.

We called the database's tech support and spoke with the "guys at the top", and they hadn't run into this problem. After talking about it a bit, they asked us to try a basic print job from Notepad. It wouldn't print! The error was "The handle is invalid."

We Googled, called Dell, searched Microsoft... no help. Then someone suggested we make certain we're using 64-bit printer drivers. Now remember that we were installing the printers using the Add Printer wizard that installed with the 64-bit NOS. But just to be sure, we went to HP's website and downloaded a 64-bit driver. It worked!

Just Makes You Wonder...
So we couldn't help scratching our heads wondering why Microsoft would ship their 64-bit NOS with 32-bit drivers! Oh well... on to the next challenge!

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David S. said...

That makes me happy to never have had to work with 64-bit servers yet...I'll have to keep that in mind though; our first 64-bit machine will probably be for Exchange 2007. We have that machine already, but it's not been set up and integrated with the network as we have some shuffling to do before that happens (probably sometime early next year).

Glad you finally figured it out!