Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Automating Online Forms

A colleague wrote me asking what the best solution is for automating the myriad of fillable forms there are on websites. I have wrestled with this too, and have come up with the solution that works most consistently for me, but am always looking for new ideas that work!

My Solution
The best system I've come up with so far is a twofold approach:
  1. I use eWallet to keep a secure copy of all my credit cards, etc on my PDA and notebook so I can access and copy anything I need easily.
  2. In addition, I use Firefox as my browser, and it does a pretty good job of maintaining fillable form information for fields that are similarly named (IE has never performed well for me in this area).
Though not a perfect solution, it works. What are you using that works?

1 comment:

David S. said...

I recommend PassPack for storing password information securely across browsers and/or different computers, but I don't use a solution to store additional form information...I type quickly enough.