Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Preferred PDA Phone Spec

Many today want a full-featured PDA, but are tired of carrying that and a cell phone. Some of our clients have asked us what we recommend, and one recently commissioned us to research and find the "right" solution!

We've identified a PDA Phone spec that works well and synchronizes easily with Outlook and other files. It is the Treo 700wx from VerizonWireless, Sprint, and AllTel. Like all devices it's not perfect, but we think it's the best device that does what a person who relies on their PDA wants-- and who wants to combine that device with a good phone.

Some of our parameters were:
• The PDA Phone needs to have the options of using a keyboard or a stylus because some PDA programs are best used with a stylus rather than having to navigate from field to field with a navigation button.
• The PDA Phone needs to run a full version of Windows Mobile, not a watered-down subset. Many PDA phones run a limited version of Windows Mobile that won't allow the installation of many programs one could want on their PDA (these are often referred to as SmartPhones).
• Because our clients are nationwide and many also travel nationwide, the carrier needs to be one with a solid network that works well in most markets. VerizonWireless has proven itself over and over as the best.

A limitation of the Treo 700wx is that it runs Windows Mobile 5 even though version 6 has been released. At this time, it is the only device that met all of the above criteria, though there should be some new options available by winter.

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