Friday, May 25, 2007

Harmony @ Home for Geeks

What true geek doesn't need at least three remotes to watch TV?!! And, since opposites attract, many of our spouses aren't as good with technology as we are... which frustrates them when they want to watch TV. ("What remotes do I need to turn on the TV? And how do I do it again?")

While speaking on a What's Hot / What's Not Panel at a conference last year (click here to listen to podcast), a panelist recommend getting a Harmony Remote by Logitech to bring all of the remotes into one very easy to use device. He said these bring harmony into our homes! He was right!

I purchased the model 890 because it uses RF transmission, eliminating the need to point at the devices I want to control, because we use a projection system and all our components are actually behind us. (The same feature set without RF is available in the 880, costing considerably less.)

The device is easy to program and works great! To watch TV, we press the "Watch TV" button and it activates and configures all of our devices (Dish, audio tuner, projector) for that mode! To watch DVDs, we press the "Watch DVD" button, and the system changes to that mode (Dish off, DVD player on, audio and projector re-configured)!

One caveat is that when programming the remote, we learned that the online client is better than the locally installed client.

Our pastor just bought a refurbished 880, and he and his wife love it! You gotta check these out!

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