Thursday, March 29, 2007

MS Vista in Church & Ministry Offices

Well, now that MS has done the big release of the Vista OS, the pressure will begin to mount on church and ministry network administrators to update all workstations to it. The problem is that it's not really ready for the ministry office environment, and would likely cause many to lose time to trying to make it work. We've already heard from many about how the software they depend on won't work in Vista. And its hardware requirements are huge and will likely bust the budget!

Those who work in ministry offices are typically entrepreneurially-minded and often want to use what they have at home or what they heard from a friend-- or read in an airline magazine-- is best. My recommendation for ministry IT teams is to create a policy adopted by the governing board stating that new OSs won't be considered until their first service pak is released.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

We're not using it yet! Our database application can't run in Vista.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We have spent much time thinking through the consequences of upgrading to Vista. There are too many issues exclusive of waiting until the new OS has proven itself. The resources required to upgrade desktops and workstations is a long term investment for most of us. About the time we cycle through the upgrades MS will be introducing a new OS.

Derek Iannelli-Smith said...

wise advice, and great insight. I have been telling our team that we would wait at least a year before considering roll out. To us, the fact that Dell only offers this as an "upgrade" rather than OEM installation, gave us the clue that if they were not willing to support it on the release, then we too needed to be cautious.